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      At Odiam Rose shook off her seriousness. Supper was ready, and undaunted by the huge meal she had already eaten, she sat down to it with a hearty appetite. Her step-children stared at her curiouslyRose had a gust of affection for them. Poor things!their lives had been so crude and dull and innocent. She must give them a little brightness now, soften the yoke of Reuben's tyrannythat girl Caro, for instance, she must[Pg 259] give her some pretty clothes and show her how to arrange her hair becomingly."No, no, mother," returned Holgrave, musing; "yet I would rather she should not go to the castleI have seen more of the baron than you: and, besides, this Calverley"

      The abbot looked frowningly on father John, as he again took up the pen. "My son, you are not serving the church by such pertinacity. This application will only expose one of its dignitaries to humiliation; however, I shall write to the Baron, since you desire it, and demand that the accused be transferred to the tribunal over which we preside."

      "I don't think you understand.""Hehe wouldn't like it," she stammered after a pause.

      "How dare you speak to me like this?"

      "With whom hold ye, friends?"Shouts and gunshots brought those men who slept out in the cottages, and a half-dressed gang, old Reuben at the head, pounded through the misty hay-sweet night to where the flames were spreading in the sky. From the shoulder of Boarzell they could see what was burningRealf's new-made stacks, two already aflame, the others doomed by the sparks which scattered on the wind.


      "They lie, Master Neville! Bring them here, and I will maintain, in combat against them both, that they have sworn falsely."



      "Nature!" snorted Reuben"wot's Nature, I'd lik to know?"