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      Madame Cerise entered. It is scarcely necessary to say that she was an English womanor, rather, an Irish woman. She was short and fat, with a round, good-natured face, and she and Lady Wyndover greeted each other almost as if they were friends.Then dont call me Miss Chetwynde, said Esmeralda.

      I am not so presumptuousso idiotically conceitedas to dream that you should, he went on. But you may care for me in time. All I will ask you now is that you will try to do so; that you will let me try to win you for my wife. Will you do that?I should like to ask you, duke, who gave you that letter of Normans?

      You deceived, sacrificed me! she said, slowly.Yes; but that was long ago. When I came back to England she was going to be married to Trafford. I loved her then still, but I stamped it out. Why, great Heaven! you might well call me a scoundrel if you thought me capable of robbing TraffordTrafford!of his wife! And he thinks it!

      Varley wiped the sweat from his brow and looked straight before him without answering. At that moment, the vivid imaginations of both men were busy picturing the girl they loved so dearly helpless in the hands of an implacable and unscrupulous foe. Varley went back to the crowd of prisoners and confronted the big man, whose arm was now bandaged to his side.


      Esmeralda glanced round.The speeches were, fortunately, not long, and everybody declared them to be most brilliant efforts, from the few words spoken by the duke, in his thin, aristocratic voice, slightly quivering with emotion, to the stammering and broken sentences[169] of the agonized Lord Ffoulkes, who was trembling with nervousness, though he had led a forlorn hope in one of our little wars without a tremor.


      You must be dying for your tea, my dear, she said, taking in all the points of Esmeraldas plain traveling-dress, and yet without even seeming to glance at her.


      It is such a long journey, she said. But you look very strong; and I am very glad that you are not very tired.