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      You mean that Im soso unfashionable and countrified? said Esmeralda, innocently.

      "Oh, one gets enough of that on shore, there is no need to go further."

      The other men looked up from their letters and stared at the bundle, a soft something wrapped in an old mail-bag.Esmeralda greeted her with a smile, but with some surprise, and when Barker took the dress out of her hand, and began to assist her to get into it, Esmeralda said:

      The marriages of her daughters which had so delighted her ambition, had not brought her all the happiness she expected.And while the gulf widened between the great house and the small one the glorious Cornish summer waned, and slowly, slowly, melted away, lingering very late in that fair western land, which was full of flowers even when the home counties were being withered and blackened by the first frosts. At last came winter, and the gradual turn of the year; short days slowly lengthening out by leisurely sunsets; pale snowdrops glimmering in the borders; and then the gold of crocuses and the bright blue of the Siberian bell-flower in patches of vivid colour; and then hyacinths and tulips, primroses on every bank, narcissus and jonquil in every garden; and by-and-by the full glory of bluebell and hawthorn blossom. And anon in the middle of May came an event in which all the interests of Colonel Disney's life seemed to culminate. In that balmy Maytime Isola's firstborn son[Pg 129] came into the world, and Isola's young life hovered at the gate of death, in so terrible an uncertainty that Martin Disney's hair grew grey while he awaited the issue of the contest between youth and weakness.


      The installation was full of delight for Isola and her sister-in-law. The house afforded innumerable surprises, unexpected nooks and corners of all kinds. There were lovely views from every windoweast, west, north, or southand there was a garden full of roses, a garden made upon so steep a slope that it was a succession of terraces, with but little intervening level ground, and below the lowest terrace the valley stretched down to the sea, a tangle of gnarled old olive trees, wan and silvery, with a ruined gateway just seen among the foliage at the bottom of a dim grey glade.


      "Is there any place in the world within tolerable easy reach of this that you would like to see?" asked her husband.Lord Trafford looked at the smooth face questioningly.